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Making Your Kitchen Works Triangle

Executive summary about Kitchen Works by Simon G Burke

Kitchen Works Triangle: Work Effectiveness within the Four Corners of the Kitchen. If you are seriously thinking of remodeling your kitchen, consider understanding first the distance that will be created among the range (or stove or cook top), the sink and the refrigerator or what is better known as the kitchen work triangle. An ample space in the kitchen for movement would prevent traffic and possible accidents so provide at least 42 to 48 inch measurement for the kitchen isles.

Now, if you happen to have a small house where every available space is a precious spot, small kitchen designs will help you maximize the full potential of achieving a kitchen that is both beautiful to look at and efficient to work at. There are surely a lot of items to be placed in the kitchen, and since emphasis on space is the top priority for small kitchens, strategic arrangements for all those miscellaneous items should be done so that the kitchen will not appear like hodgepodge of pans, pots, table mats, containers, ladles, etc.

One way to achieve more available space for small kitchens for a smooth-flowing working condition is to allot the middle part of the kitchen for an island. Adapting also the galley design for small kitchens will be really advantageous since this specific design is intended for effectively storing all those kitchen items and preventing a cluttered-look. In a galley design kitchen, the closets, cabinets and appliances are all strategically placed on one side. Choosing to buy small kitchen tables will also help in freeing up more floor space for your kitchen. Apparently, small tables come with small chairs.

Making Your Kitchen Works For You - What to Consider Before Renovating?
Executive summary about Kitchen Works by Tom Chung

Before you start to cook, have a good look around your kitchen to see how practical your set up is for cooking, preparation, and storage. Functional lighting: In addition to having a light in the ceiling, it would be smart to have tube lights as your working lights installed under eye-level cupboard over your benches.

Easy-to-clean walls:
When you really cook very often, soups, stews, and sauces can get everywhere very easily, including on you. Remember that white and black show up every splash.

Maintenance-free floors:
It is not hard to image that there are many things dropping on the kitchen floor. For example, tiles, wooden floor board, and good old lineoleum are good choices.

In addition to these basic elements mentioned above, the other two things that always seem to be in short supply in the kitchen are space and time. What can you do to improve the space and time?

Space: In you mind think about all the activities in your kitchen - you bring food into it, unwrap it and then store it. You might have a small kitchen.

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